We are pleased to offer all our clients a popular and very convenient Trade-In service.

From now on, you do not need to puzzle over how to sell your watch in order to buy new ones instead. We will do everything for you!

We will accept your products, evaluate them, and if the offered amount suits you, we will credit it when you buy any other product from us.

Trade-In (Trade-in) – a service that is becoming more widespread in recent years. In fact, this is an exchange of an old product for a new one with a surcharge, mainly cars and electronics are sold in this way, but in other areas with expensive goods it is also present. For example, in the Vremya watch pawnshop you can buy new Swiss watches, as well as jewelry and accessories of elite brands using this service. From the point of view of legislation, a trade-in is a purchase and sale transaction with additional conditions in the contract.

How trade-in works at the Vremya pawnshop

The procedure is actually quite simple. The client comes to the salon with an old product (in our case, a Swiss watch), the employees on the spot evaluate them and offer an amount that will be deducted from the price of the next purchase. If the client is satisfied with everything, he looks for a new accessory in the store’s catalog and buys it, paying the cost that was not covered by the sale of the old one. This is the basis, the more detailed terms vary significantly from store to store.

For example, in the Vremya watch pawnshop, the Trade-In service covers the entire range. You can exchange, for example, Swiss watches, jewelry and luxury branded accessories for any item from the catalog, without restrictions on exchange, for example, only watches for watches. Another advantage of our store is an individual approach to each client – our specialists will help you get the most out of the transaction, advise on the product and explain all the nuances. You can imagine in advance how much you are willing to offer for an accessory by filling out an online assessment form.

A wide selection of a wide variety of accessories in stock, including rare Swiss watches and vintage jewelry, will allow you to complete your collection with a unique piece without the long searches and risks associated with buying from an unverified seller. Working since 2007, we have honestly earned our impeccable reputation and formed a large base of regular customers.

As with the regular Swiss watch sale, you get the best price if your accessory is in impeccable condition and has the accompanying paperwork and receipt. Of course, all items accepted under the Trade-In service, as with any other, undergo a strict check for authenticity and condition (including reagent testing and gemological examination), so that when selling and buying from us you can be sure of the quality and fair price of each model.

Trade-In of Swiss watches and jewelry in Moscow

Of course, with the proliferation of trade-in services, an increasing number of stores appear that offer it, but in the luxury goods industry this is still a rarity. In addition, despite the huge number of pawnshops of various formats located throughout Moscow, only a few are currently professionally working with Swiss watches and luxury jewelry. Even if a regular pawnshop, watch or jewelry store offers a trade-in service, chances are high that it will not be able to offer a decent price for your watch or jewelry. Luxury goods have different pricing criteria, among which the leading role is taken by the brand and the collection to which the item belongs, that is, the work of the master, while most pawnshops focus primarily on the amount of precious metal in the item.

Thus, the most profitable Trade-In deal can only be offered to you in those places that have an appropriate pricing policy. For collectible items or rare pieces of watches and jewelry, sometimes you can get a significant amount, as collectors often look for them in large pawnshops. This ensures a mutually beneficial exchange – if the pawnshop knows that it is easy to find a buyer for your accessory, he can offer the best conditions for your deal.

The disadvantages of the trade-in system in Moscow include, of course, a limited number of pawnshops working on it, a lower cost of an item than when selling through a commission system, for example, and a limited choice of goods presented in stock. These restrictions are inevitable in a transaction aimed at the fastest possible sale and purchase, so you can decide for yourself whether you want to use this service or another. Our online preliminary appraisal system for accessories and an online catalog of all available products will help you make your choice.

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